Diabetes Awareness CPD Approved Online Training Course


CPD Approved

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Course Description 
Diabetes is a serious lifelong health condition that occurs when the amount of glucose, or sugar, in the blood is too high. If left untreated, high blood glucose levels can cause serious health complications.

Diabetes can develop in anyone at any point in their life although there are certain groups and age ranges where it is more common. There are a range of symptoms that could indicate that someone had Diabetes, these range from excessive thirst to feeling more tired than usual.

It is believed that up to 30% of residential and nursing home residents have Diabetes so being able to recognise the symptoms and knowing how you can help them to manage the condition is essential.

This course is aimed at people working in the health and social care sector and will provide an overview of the condition, the common symptoms that might indicate someone has diabetes, methods of diagnosis, some possible treatments and common complications that can affect those with the condition.

Course Modules

  • What it is and its Prevalence
  • Symptoms of Diabetes
  • Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Complications from Diabetes


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