Dignity and Privacy CPD Approved Training Course


  • CPD Approved
  • Online in your own time
  • Duration 50 Minutes
  • Includes Certificate

Course Description

This course will start by defining dignity and privacy within the healthcare sector, and will explain how the two are quite often linked. It will then go on to give you a range of useful professional tips about setting up the right working relationship with your service users, and discuss some of the issues that can arise when dignity and privacy are not respected.

There are two crucial attributes you must have when working with people in a caring, supportive environment.

  • First, all service users must be treated with Dignity.
  • Focusing on the value of every individual, including:
    • respecting their views, choices and decisions
    • not making assumptions about how they want to be treated
    • working with care and compassion
    • communicating directly with the individual whenever possible
  • The second crucial attribute is privacy:
    • Giving someone space where and when they need it

Course Modules

  • Overview of the Course
  • Understanding the Principles
  • Dignity – Good Practice Part 1
  • Dignity – Good Practice Part 2
  • Privacy – Good Practice
  • Self-care
  • Overcoming Barriers to Dignity and Privacy



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